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3 Tips for managing a social media campaign

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

So, what make a social media campaign successful?

Well, social media. Most people I know are using it. This platform or that platform, they are basically the same function, only different performance. So when we decided to use social media to run a business marketing or advertising campaign, what should we do?

Post with well designed images.

“One picture worth thousand words!” Keep that in mind.

Sometime just one image, that's enough. But it has to be a good image that carry exactly what you want to show your audience. The more important thing is that they are not just audiences, they are the potential customers. A good image can catch their attention easier than just wordy post.

Keep posting.

Tired of typing and posting? You simply cannot be tired now. Keep posting anything that relates to your business. Inform viewer with as many information as possible. If you have to repeat some information, pictures, images, don't hesitate, just repeat it. Lucky you have a smart phone that can take good photos, videos and conveniently post them directly from the phone.

Joining groups

“Buy with friends, sale with groups.”

There are many social media groups that can help you boost up the relationship with their member. To start, you have to join a group. Start posting in group when your joining request approved, and repeat the post occasionally. Do not spam, you could be kicked out of the group before you can post anything.

Good luck!

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