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NearBiz supports small businesses

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Small business owners are extremely busy. They are not only just bosses. They are the workers, the staffs, the assistants, and even can be the cleaners at their business sites. They are actually too busy to work on daily tasks so marketing and advertising activities become to-do-later jobs, whenever they have a chance, and it looks like that chance can hardly come. Another problem is marketing and advertising is kind of luxury things to do for most local businesses because of the high cost and the unpredictable ROI (return on investment).

To help small local businesses over come the marketing and advertising matter in the situation that business owners cannot get their hands off the daily tasks, and to solve the high cost problem of current marketing and advertising services, Nearbiz created a platform that allows business owners perform a complicated marketing and advertising action in minutes via the mobile application with low cost.

Listing business

Cost $0.00

The first free service from Nearbiz is that business owner can list their business on its platform for free. Although there are many other sites that also allow business to do so, Nearbiz has come with a good idea in order to make the marketing job easier. For instant: when a business listed on Nearbiz app, it creates a business page that can be an alternative to a website instantly and it allows business to edit the information directly in the business profile such as adding photos to the gallery and a video link. Beside, nearby users don't even have to search to see the business around them. It means that all users around business can see it without searching needed.

Web design

Standard website: $0.00

Custom design start from $199

Service is not include domain and hosting fees.

Mobile app

We make application for any business starting from $1999.

Mass Marketing tools

Event launcher, Hiring, Selling business, Booth rental

2 months free trial. Cost after free trial: $16/ monthly or $160/ yearly

Businesses can post an event for limited time to promote and advertise for the business for free for trial in 2 months. After two months, the cost will be $16 per month or $160 per years.

The advantage of this function is all customers of the business can receive the notification at once when the event is launched. Also, all nearby users can see the event with one touch on the app. In addition, business can post event as many times as they needed in the subscription period.

Business owner can launch a promotion using Nearbiz app in just few minutes.

Online booking + POS for service

Own a hair salon or a nail salon? This is for you. This function can be applied for all other services such as cleaning, tutoring, baby sitting..etc. The online booking is very easy to set up and it integrates with the in-store POS. The UI (user interface) is very friendly and easy to use.

The good thing about Nearbiz POS system is the owner don't have to purchase expensive equipment. Any available computer, laptop, or even a tablet can do the job professionally.

Ecommerce + POS for retail

Upgrade your business to the corporate level in one day with affordable cost. This system allows business set up online store and manage in-store check out like a pro. A conventional system can cost few thousands of dollar easily, while using Nearbiz, it only costs a fraction compare to the conventional cost.

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